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What does it mean to be Ukanda Ledge farmer?

Becoming a Ukanda Ledge farmer requires that A new entrant farmer into Ukanda Ledge has to have his or her field or plots managed organically., then With the help of our Supervisory and vetting committees, background information is obtained from these farmers, as well as from the local authorities and all necessary documentation is complete.

This enables us to know exactly who grows our precious coffee and as well as also to maintain a special relationship with the family of the Ukanda Ledge farmer.

In cases where the farmer has been in involved in conventional farming, then he or she will spend enjoy 3 years of training and other benefits to his or her farm or plots without having his coffee purchased by the company, but, the coffee will not be purchased by the company during this period. will enjoy training and benefits Additionally, the farmers will have an option of improving his or her livelihood with exception of having to get involved in agriculture projects partnerships with our colleagues, the African Americans of the Ledge Group LLC.

Our brethren in the diaspora and our farmers have the same vision; of collective wealth creation through an investment of capital and resources, respectively. UBUNTU is a Bantu word which means according to the Principle governing this partnership, “That the economic breakthrough is shared; if one man eats, the other ought to eat too.”

Coffee is a seasonal crop, our farmers ought to have different alternate economic ventures opportunities to enhance household incomes as they wait for the cash crop, coffee. Ukanda Ledge has integrated its farmers with these supplemental and alternative crops, like ginger, Irish potatoes, onions, garlic, and watermelon depending on the regions they grow best and also and the capability of our farmers. Our farmers are regionally classified according to altitudes, those above in the range of 1250-1500 meters above sea level are in the “Lower region”, 1500-1800 meters are in the “Middle Region” and above 1800 meters above sea level are defined as “Upper Land Region”. In these regions are different divisions with being governed by an Inspector and Coordinator, and these are overseen by the Regional field officer in the respective region. These divisions include Logoli, Bunatate, Busiya, Bunadyemu, Bumulisha, Zesui, Bukayegere, Buwalasi, Buwasa, Buteza, Gombe, Buyobo and Kaato. All these divisions have provided us with 983 pending approval farmers to Ukanda Ledge family!

These regions have slightly different weather and as well as the soils, so the production of crops will be favoured differently and this is taken care of determined by the concerned committee before a farmer’s uncultivated plot of land is considered. There’s a total of 6 acres of Irish potatoes, 2 acres of ginger, 1 acre of watermelon, 2 acres of garlic, 3 acres of onions and more acreage is pending investment. On these same lands, we recruit labour from the fellow farmers especially those without extra plots of land that aren’t cultivated. We aim at improving the livelihood of our farmers in all ways available with those who partner with us. Through this great initiative we’ve we have been able to employ 56 farmers, and 24 landowners being had already partnered and we’ve we have a target of passing this to all 250 of our farmers.