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Ukanda Ledge Limited Company grows Coffee with its contracted Bugisu farmers, processes the coffee, and adds value to this coffee, UKANDA COFFEE. Ukanda Coffee grown in volcanic soils of the ranges(1500m-2100m+ high above sea level) of Elgon Mountain in the Pearl of Africa, Uganda. Through our traceability and supervision of all the processes from seed to cup, we're confident to provide an exceptionally delicious, fresh and flavorful Arabica Coffee. We blend all the grades of Arabica Coffee (AA, Single A, PB) for those who order Roasted beans and Ground. However, for orders of Green Arabica Coffee for your roasters or prospect/pre-shipment samples you can select which grade(AA, Single A, PB and B) of Arabica coffee you need.

We roast our coffee daily to ensure the highest quality product. Depending on your order time and time zone, most orders ship the same day or the following they are purchased. If you need to make any adjustments to your order, you have 120 minutes from receiving your confirmation email to do so! Please call us between 9:00 AM-5:00 PM, Monday through Friday, at (+256-786159174) to make any changes. I don't know what Coffee grades AA, A, PB or AA + PB, B mean. I'm just a good coffee drinker or I want to enjoy coffee; which one should I choose? (For Roasted beans or ground coffee) You can choose either AA or AA+PB or A

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We ship all around the world.

Yes. The rate applies to the APO facility's zip code in the US. Be sure to use the country as United States, the city as APO or FPO, the state as Armed Forces Europe (AE), Armed Forces Pacific (AP), or Armed Forces America (AA), and the APO zip code. Tracking only goes to the facility, then it's in a fellow Soldiers hands to get it to you, so please be as specific as possible with the unit.

We recommend e-mail us immediately upon realizing that something may be wrong with your order. We will always do our best to make sure you’ll get what you need, but cannot guarantee that we will be able to fix the order before it ships out.

If you find that you’re not completely satisfied with your Ukanda Coffee, we ask that you please email us and let us know why so that we may attempt to fix the situation. DO NOT send any items back without first emailing us at to set it up, or your returned items will not be processed. Once you contact, you will be given instructions on how to return your order and receive a refund.

We accept credit,debit cards and have gone a step further to get to work with your country's mobile money providers to ensure you make payment easily, fast and in a reliable way. We will continue ensuring that we reach each and every country's payment structure and method across the globe to provide you the convenience and security you deserve.

Yes, We have Grand Risings Coffee Collection and others with cold brews in the United States.

We provide the safety features to securely transmit payment and we insist on using verified merchants while processing payments. Payments are tracked and incase fails, just visit my orders and retry transaction and you will resume from where you left.

The thing to keep in mind when storing coffee is humidity. Keep coffee away from humidity until it is brewed. Storing it in a dark, airtight container at room temperature will keep your coffee fresh for up to 4 weeks if ground, and longer if whole bean.